Foundation Settlement Biltmore Lake, NC

Push Piers

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC in Biltmore Lake offers a wide variety of repair methods for foundations that are experiencing settling, or are sinking in one area. Normal warning signs of this can include cracks in brick exterior walls, or inside walls around door frames, sloping interior floors, doors and windows that stick or jam when trying to open or close. Our foundation settlement experts in Biltmore Lake can fix any problems your home experiences. Our foundation repair products include wall anchors, steel foundation wall braces and beams, helical and push pier assemblies, and crawl space supports to prevent sinking or sloping floors. We also repair sinking slabs, in your basement, or exterior concrete slab structures. We are proud to service the entire Biltmore Lake, NC 28715 area, and will provide you with an estimate, to help you understand costs associated with your foundation repair needs.

Foundation Repair for Sinking Homes in Biltmore Lake

A foundation is totally dependent on the ground beneath and around it to provide it with the solid support it requires, and this is why you need foundation repair services immediately. An analogy could possibly be to compare the home to a laptop. If you place the notebook computer on a firm, level table it'll remain safe; but when you place the same notebook computer on a bed pillow, there is a good possibility it will eventually start to tip one way or the other. The dirt below and around your foundation is either like the desk or perhaps the pillow: if conditions move, the property on top of shaky soil will move and settle in another location. If abnormal settling is allowed to remain uncontrolled, it can cause continuous high priced repairs to the home or, in a worst case scenario, result in a quick and precipitous collapse of all or part of the structure.

Foundation Settlement Causes Biltmore Lake

Damaged Foundation Wall

Every single house is different, and too much foundation settlement causes could be:

  • Volatile ground
  • Poor compaction at the time of building
  • Poorly created drainage system
  • Large tree roots
  • Plumbing related leakage

Danger Signals - Biltmore Lake

You'll want to look out for:

  • Observable signs and symptoms of cracking or damage in the foundation itself
  • Garage door leaning
  • Large cracks along brick facing
  • Exterior window and wall separating
  • Splits inside your interior's drywall or sheet rock
  • Doors out of square that no longer shut tightly

If you notice any of these signs, it is advisable to contact a foundation repair expert in your town, such as American Foundation & Basement Repair to minimize any active damage and set the house straight again.

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