Foundation Piers

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC offers expert foundation repair services using the most advanced types of foundation piers. Foundation piers work well at stopping your home's foundation from settling or sinking, even though there are various problems with various solutions. Our foundation repair products will be sure to fix your foundation correctly by using specially-engineered foundation piers, using the correct one for each unique problem. We have been performing foundation repairs in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville for over 20 years. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Your foundation is the most critical element of your home's structure, and choosing a foundation pier professional like our foundation repair company, will guarantee the life and integrity of your foundation for many years.

Push Piers

Push Piers

Steel push piers are another kind of pier utilized for structural foundation repairs on settling foundations. This kind of pier is attached to the concrete foundation of your house, and then hydraulically pushed down until the bottom of the pier makes contact with the hard bedrock far below your property. By making use of bedrock or other load-bearing strata to support the foundation, instead of soft, movable soil, this allows for a powerful effective way to "push" the foundation back to normal level observed before the foundation settlement took place. Many foundation repairs come from organic soils, shrinking and swelling clays, inadequate compaction, inappropriate footer embedding, and also erosion. The objective of steel push piers is the support and leveling of your structure’s load bearing wall surfaces by transferring the weight of the structure from weaker soils to the metal piers which are pressed deep to load bearing soils.

Slab Piers

Before Pier

Slab piers are for a unique foundation condition that involves sinking basement floors from unstable soil/earth beneath your home. After shifting and settling occurs, your floors begin to crack creating sections and parts of your once unified concrete floor. After separation, these parts begin to sink causing unsightly and untraversable segments in your basement floor. Slab piers fix these sinking sections by stabilizing the basement floor within the area- unlike push piers that push against the walls/parameter of the home.

Helical Piers

Foundation Piers

Helical piers are a much more preventative type of pier that helps pre-installation of homes and businesses that are being newly built on land. Usually this is the case for areas known to have sinking, soft soil conditions that will settle your home over time. Helical piers are a means to get the homes; foundation set up the sturdy and secured to load bearing strata or bedrock- similar to push piers. Although different in nature, this design is made for all major stress points of the building, keeping it stable through all conditions both inward and outward.

Please contact American Foundation & Basement Repair at 877-784-5636 to schedule an appointment for a foundation repair consultation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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