Floor Crack Repair

Cracked Concrete Slab

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC offers floor crack repair services to help keep your foundation functioning as it should If you notice cracks along the flooring of your basement, you can most likely blame foundation problems for the issues and you will need floor crack repair services as soon as possible in your home.

It's never smart to just ignore these foundation problems. Like so many other things in your life, they're not going to repair themselves--floor cracks will expand as time passes and you could experience water seepage. You need to take steps to stop whatever is causing the shrinkage which is weakening your foundation. We have been repairing foundations in the Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville areas for over 20 years. If you do not care for these foundation problems when you first notice them, they are only going to get worse.

Concrete slab foundation settlement is usually the result of changes in moisture content and density of the soils underneath the slab. For example, soils under a concrete slab may dry and shrink as time passes because of extended drought-like conditions or leaking HVAC systems. Loosely compacted fill soils may also combine under a slab leading to floor cracks, tripping hazards and other cracking and settling all through a home or building.

These conditions and others, develop a gap beneath a slab. If the slab isn't sufficiently strong enough to span the gap, the slab will crack, break, and settle into the emptiness.

Re-Level Your Slabs With Hydraulic Piers

Floor crack repair

  • Slab Pier Before
  • Slab Pier After
  • Foundation Slab Before Repair
  • Foundation Slab After Repair

At American Foundation and Basement Repair, we make use of a foundation slab repair system from Foundation SupportWorks will be able to stabilize concrete floor slabs. This system consists of foundation piers and will supply the very best chance to re-level the floor and lift any kind of non-load bearing partition wall surfaces which may have settled together with the slab.

Tough steel pier supports are hydraulically driven through a heavy-duty slab bracket to get to competent, load-bearing strata.

The weight of your concrete slab floor is then very carefully moved from the original unstable soil, through the piers, to suitable soils down below.

Please call our concrete floor repair company at 877-784-5636 to learn more about our floor crack repair services your home in TN or NC. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Do not put off having your floor repaired. If you neglect to take care of the issue now, it is only going to get much worse over time.

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