Foundation Repair in Arthur, TN

Push Pier

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC is a foundation repair company in Arthur, Tennessee. We offer a wide variety of foundation repair services, designed to fix your foundation permanently. Regardless of what type of foundation problem you have we can help. We repair bowed and leaning walls, foundation cracks, sinking and settling foundations due to soil erosion, and settling concrete slabs. We serve the entire Arthur 37707 area, and offer convenient appointments, with online scheduling. Our foundation repair products include wall plates, foundation piers (both helical and push piers), and steel foundation wall supports to prevent bowed or leaning walls.

Foundation Settlement in Arthur, TN

At American Foundation & Basement Repair, we have a range of repair and settlement services that will repair all of the foundation problems that you're having with your home. American Foundation & Basement Repair certified basement solutions are very efficient and are recognized systems for foundation repair.

Foundation Repair - Warning Signs

Foundation Wall Cracks

There are recognizable warning signs that your building needs immediate foundation repair. Often your family's house has:

  • Stuck Doors
  • Stuck Windows
  • Cracked Bricks
  • Tilting Chimney
  • Leaning Basement Walls

No matter if your family's property is newly built, this doesn't mean that you can't experience foundation problems. There is constant pressure on your foundation from the earth surrounding it, in addition to the massive heaviness of your house.

The Foundation Supportworks system of wall anchors used by us is a quick and efficient fix to this problem. The installation is easy – a small area is excavated, the anchor is put in, then excavation is performed to connect the the anchor to the inside of the foundation wall. The support is now tightened, resulting in straightening the wall and restoring it to its former place. This helps the leaning of the foundation walls and can return the wall to its original spot.

We have the skill and experience to finish your home's foundation repair. American Foundation & Basement Repair has a highly skilled group of engineers that are dedicated to making sure the job gets done correctly. Contact us today to find out more on how our foundation repair expertise can help your family's home in Arthur.

A foundation specialist is a good source of info on maintenance and how to remedy any structural issues you are dealing with. You can even get dependable advice on how to fix any water issues that are resulting in foundation damage. Call us now at 877-784-5636! We provide FREE ESTIMATES!