Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl Space Insulation

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC provides you with the best options for insulating your crawl space. Installing durable, waterproof, anti-microbial, fire-retardant and puncture resistant crawl space insulation as part of an encapsulation system can convert a wet, unhealthy crawl space breeding ground into a fresh, sanitary environment which no longer encourages mold, odors, unwanted pests and even possible infestation. We have been insulating crawl spaces for over 20 years in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville. We are experts at making your crawl space the area that it is supposed to be.

The crawl space could even be utilized for storage purposes and eventually fulfill its purpose of promoting healthy air circulation and decreasing overall humidity inside your home.

Save On Energy Bills With Insulated Barriers

Crawl Space Insulation

Crawl space insulation installation is among one of the simplest ways to cut your cooling and heating costs in your house. A lot of people disregard the importance installing insulation under their house, and that's a huge mistake. Installing insulating material in your crawl space is every bit as critical as installing insulation in the attic or the wall surfaces.

This insulation will help your home in a few ways. First, by insulating correctly, you are protecting your pipes and the infrastructure of your property from freezing during the cold winter season. Second, the insulation will help make it simpler for your heating and air conditioning to maintain a consistent temperature in your house. The more consistent the temperature stays, the lower your energy bills will run. Finally, the insulation, when combined with a vapor barrier will help to get rid of moisture beneath your home and stop your home from developing mold or other moisture related issues which can get very costly over the long haul.

State Of The Art Materials Used For Insulation

Crawl Space Heat Barrier

Fiberglass rolls and fiberglass batts are the most commonly used kinds of crawl space insulating materials, but it is definitely acceptable to make use of foam board as well. Fiberglass batts are really easy to set up and will probably be your least expensive option. With the combination of foam board and fiberglass your cold air will stay cold and your warm air will stay warm within your home.

Please feel free to contact American Foundation & Basement Repair at 877-784-5636 today to learn more about our crawl space insulation installation services in TN and NC. We look forward to hearing from you soon. You are in good hands with our crawl space company. Our crawl space techs have numerous years of combined experience working in the industry, and we guarantee that they will be able to address any questions or concerns that you may have about our crawl space insulation, encapsulation, and vapor barrier installation services. So, call us now!

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    Crawl space encapsulation can be used to effectively seal off this area under your home from moisture, humidity, and unwanted pests.

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  • Vapor Barriers

    Crawl space vapor barriers are effective at controlling the levels of moisture and humidity under your home. Without moisture and humidity, you have no mold growth or wood rot.

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  • Crawl Space Supports

    We offer crawl space supports for stabilizing your crawl space. These are great for enhancing the structural integrity of your entire home.

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  • Crawl Space Insulation

    Crawl space insulation can help you cut down on your heating and cooling costs each month.

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  • Sump Pumps

    Our crawl space sump pumps are designed to be able to handle the moisture in this area under your home. It's important to have a good handle on crawl space moisture so you don't end up with mold growth.

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