Carbon Fiber Wall Support

Carbon Fiber Wall Support

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC provides complete bowed wall repair services using carbon wall support strips. A damaged foundation may be really frightening to homeowners - especially when a wall is bowing, buckling, or looks like it's at risk of caving in, and that's why we provide carbon wall strips for effective and lasting foundation repair. Our carbon fiber system is designed with a fiber-reinforced polymer that's 10 times stronger than steel, and specifically designed for repairing damaged foundation walls. We provide the carbon wall support systems to the Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville areas. Each strip is adhered via a high-strength epoxy resin that absorbs pressure from your wall and keeps your foundation stabilized. These unique systems do not require outdoor excavation of your yard, and repair bulging walls with a minimal disturbance to your existing basement environment.

Preventing Foundation Replacement & Renevation

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Generally speaking, a lot of homeowners believe that if they have foundation damage, they'll have to have foundation replacement. This is not true, and there are a lot of reason why you should not get your foundation replaced. Foundation replacement involves a lengthy, costly, and invasive process for your house. First, the original foundation will have to be totally excavated to reveal the foundation walls. Then, the home will have to be "jacked up" on non permanent supports, while the floor slab and foundation walls are taken out. The brand new foundation is constructed, the floor is poured, and then, eventually, an effort may be made to recover the landscaping.

The most unfortunate part about this issue is that with all this time, disruption, and money, you haven't really tackled the problem which triggered the damage to begin with - that being the soil around your foundation. Without dealing with this problem, it is quite possible that your new foundation will be ruined by the same problems that damaged the first one. This is why we provide carbon fiber strips for foundation repair in TN and NC.

Salvaging Your Foundation Wall

Carbon Fiber Wall Strip Install

The good thing is this: if your wall is still upright, there's a good chance that it can be salvaged without resorting to wall replacement with our foundation wall repair services. We make use of durable and effective carbon fiber strips.

If your foundation walls are bulging at the center and don't tilt along the top or have any type of inward movement along the base, carbon wall strips could be the most practical answer for your home. These strips of carbon fiber fabric may be epoxied along the foundation wall quickly by a foundation repair contractor from AFBR. They're many times more powerful than steel, can be set up year-round, and are perfect for reinforcing bowing foundation walls.

Please call American Foundation & Basement Repair at 877-784-5636 today for more information about our carbon fiber strips for foundation repair. We look forward to helping you soon!