Wall Crack Repair

Wall Crack

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC provides wall crack repair services as well as foundation wall crack repair. The correct analysis of foundation wall cracks and crack shifting is important to offering the most effective corrective measures. Although some of the smaller wall and foundation cracks might be able to be fixed with epoxy filler, some may need more powerful and more modern applications like carbon fiber or steel strips getting applied to the wall and crack area. We have been offering wall crack repair services for over 20 years in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville. Our straightforward business practice about selling and setting up what the client really needs, instead of using manipulative sales techniques and fancy marketing material is what has made us a front runner in TN and NC foundation and crack repair.

Dangers Of Foundation Wall Cracks

Regardless of their construction, wall cracks can appear since they are crammed or since the structure has settled or heaved and will require wall crack repair. Vertical and angled cracks are frequently a result of settlement or heaving. Horizontal cracks could be a result of lateral force. Understanding these kinds of foundation cracks is the beginning point to fixing your foundation. Cracks of 1/16th of an inch or less generally will not leak. Wall cracks that are bigger towards the top as opposed to the bottom suggest settlement.

Foundation Wall Crack

If your foundation has cracks, you need to consult with one of our foundation professionals before water or structural integrity turns into a problem. Think of your foundation like a icy pond. It will only support weight if the water is solid. Once cracks start to form, the ability to safely and properly support weight is severely sacrificed. Your foundation is the same way. If the mortar, brick, and cinder blocks have cracks or deterioration, your home's power to support weight can inevitably be jeopardized. Little cracks makes it possible for large amounts of water to enter into your basement, and can weaken the foundation as time passes, together with not allowing you to make use of the full livable space of your house.

To fix your wall cracks, we may use: wall anchors, I-beams or wall reinforcement beams, carbon fiber straps, and also helical anchors.

Repair Methods For Your Foundation Cracks

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  • Helical Pier
  • Steel Wall Bracing
  • Foundation Push Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Poly Injection
  • Wall Anchors
  • Carbon Fiber Support
  • Helical Piers
  • Steel Wall Braces
  • Foundation Push Piers
  • Slab Piers
  • Poly Injection
  • Wall Anchors
  • Carbon Fiber Support

The nature of the crack will establish the very best method of foundation crack repair or waterproofing which is needed to repair the issue. Possible choices include things like: underpinning, crack injection, wall plate anchors, helical tiebacks, drainage in addition to rain gutter or downspout repairs. In many situations, water is generally held accountable for a structural problem - i.e. after a foundation has settled cracks will open and water will discover a way into the living space. The possible lack of water is usually the reason behind structural problems that don't get noticed until the wet season comes and water starts breaking through the foundation.

Please call AFBR at 877-784-5636 today to schedule an appointment for a consultation for wall crack repair. We are eager to hear from you soon!

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