How The Sump Pump System Works

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC offers complete sump pump systems to provide comprehensive basement waterproofing. Sump pump systems are used to retrieve or get rid of water which has accumulated in a water collecting sump basin. It is generally located in the basements of homes. Water from the basin may enter in via the perimeter drains of the basement's interior drainage system. The water could be funneled into the basin as a result of natural ground water or rain. We have been installing complete sump pump systems for over 20 years in Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville. Sump pumps are often used where basement flooding takes place on a regular basis and to offer solutions in places that the water table is found over the home's foundation. We offer our complete sump pump installation services in surrounding areas of TN & NC.

Sump Pump System

Battery Backup Is A Convenient Fail-Safe

Basement and Crawl Space Sump Pumps

Sump pumps are generally hardwired into the electric system of a lot of homes. Frequently, they might be set up along with a battery backup sump pump which will activate in case the power goes out. The home's strong water supply can drive some pumps, eliminating the use of electricity and opting for potable water, obviously making these pumps more costly in usage than electrical pumps and create more of a water disposal problem. There are mainly two kinds of sump pumps, namely submersible and pedestal. The pedestal has its pump motor attached to top of the sump. There, it is simpler to service and also quite simple to see. With submersible pumps, the motor is completely attached inside the sump, and is carefully covered to prevent electrical problems.

SafeBasements™ Sump Pumps: Everything You Need

American Foundation & Basement Repair makes use of SafeBasements™ sump pumps, along with their SafeEdge™ and SafeDrain™ water evacuation systems to produce a highly effective and lasting way to completely keep your basement dry and safe. These sump pump systems handle all the following basement problems:

  • Empties the water from the wall surfaces of your basement
  • Reduces the water table beneath the flooring
  • Eliminates the need for a basement dehumidifier
  • Eliminates the need for special water drainage flooring
  • Works together with Radon Removal systems
  • Handles Erosion
  • Created to be clog proof
  • Improves the air quality inside your house

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