Exterior Drain Systems

Exterior Drain Systems

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC offers wet basement waterproofing solutions using exterior drain systems. Waterproofing the exterior of your basement foundation with an exterior drain system is the best option for home owners with excessive water built up around their home. If you're experiencing basement floods, leaky cracks, and standing water, this is usually a symptom of poor drainage. A simple revolutionary exterior drain system will solve all your problems, and prevent future damages caused by unchecked water.

If you're looking for an installer for the best exterior drains then you came to the right place. We have been installing exterior drain systems for over 20 years in the Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville areas. Unfortunately, numerous homeowners decide to ignore their wet basement and think that it isn't that bad, or that it's something that won't ever happen again. However, this is not the case for water that sits in your surrounding foundation soil. If you're the kind of property owner who would like to have your property maintained, you really can't neglect an exterior basement waterproofing problem.

A More Advanced Version Of French Drains

French Drain

Basically, a standard french drain supplies a location into which excess water can go. Rather than seeping down your basement walls or up through the seams in the flooring, water is routed into the drain and deposited away from the building. French drains are among the most reliable types of basement waterproofing available on the market.

We took that concept and looked for better alternatives and found a much more advanced drain system that removes & mitigates exterior water. An exterior drain system redirects the water into a funnel and flows outward away from your home, but also protects against excessive rain flow. This includes heavy water flow from flooding and areas where the climate calls for more frequent and harsh storm weather. It uses 4 pipes for massive water flow and disposal that works with an interior drain system for an all-in-one setup. These systems synchronize together, pumping water from all areas around your home that drains away from your foundation soil effectively.