Basement Drain Systems

American Foundation & Basement Repairs, LLC offers many different basement drain solutions for the most common of wet basement problems. Having a functional, properly installed basement drain system can mean the difference between a dry, safe basement, and thousands of dollars in damage. We provide you with different options of basement drainage systems to fit each homeowner's specific need. We use only the best components, to make sure your basement stays dry, and your family safe. American Foundation has been providing these basement drain systems for over 20 years to the Knoxville, Chattanooga, Asheville, Johnson City, and Cookeville areas. Please view the video below, that demonstrates our waterproofing system.

Interior Drain System

Interior Drain Systems

Numerous homeowners have had problems or are currently struggling with problems of water leaking into their basements, but our interior drain system can help get rid of this issue. For quite some time, waterproofing contractors have tried several methods to correct and fix the problem, but these methods have fallen short or not worked. A lot of the time, drainage pipes are placed in the dirt and with time they tend to get slow or stopped up with dirt and debris. Once the drainage pipes become blocked, the end result is wetness, dampness or flooding inside your basement. But now, there's help with our innovative interior drain systems.

This system is specifically engineered to fix all your water problems or issues with flooding without clogging. This is done through a special wall flange. This system creates a tidy and incredibly effective area between the wall and the floor to correctly and effectively drain away seepage, thus stopping clogging, and preventing dirt and debris from getting into your basement.

Exterior Drain System

Exterior Drain Systems

Water is an extremely sneaky element for homeowners since it can quickly get into your house and trigger thousands in damages, but we have exterior drain systems which will help. The majority of homeowners are frequently left in the dark, and are oblivious that water or moisture has invaded their space since the outside of their home does not have a highly effective waterproofing system set up.

Common indicators that water has gotten into your basement are: stains found at the foot of a staircase, or water seeping beneath the garage door or through a standard door. The very best and most effective way to help keep water from leaking in through your basement from the outside of your house is to use an exterior drainage system.

This system is exclusively designed to reroute water or seepage away from your home's foundation.

Basement Water Control System

There is just one water control system for monolithic foundations. This means the floor and footing are poured as one piece and the wall surfaces of your basement are sitting on your concrete floor. A basement water control system is an ideal solution when removing the floor in your basement just isn't an option. The system was created to get rid of water or seepage from the wall or floor joint and reroute the seepage to a sump pump.

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